You’ll get a free box for every 2 friends you refer to papergang, the best part it there's no limit, refer 2 friends and then another 2 and you’ll keep getting boxes for free.

You’ll need an account with us to start referring friends (this means you’ll need to have purchased a subscription with us previously, if you don’t have one get one now here). If you’ve got an account with us already login here

Once logged in you’ll see the ‘Refer a friend progress tracker’ this tracks your progress towards your referrals. Click on the ‘Refer More Friends’ button. You can now invite your friends via Email, share your link on Facebook or Twitter or just send them your direct referral link (which is connected to your account).

Remember that your friends must follow your referral link and purchase at least one subscription (either a month to month, 3, 6 or 12 month prepay) for you to receive your referral. You’ll receive an email for each referral you get and when you reach the referral goal of 2 people. 

Please Note: Adblocker Software may prevent your referrals from being registered due to the way adblocker blocks some cookies, to avoid this happening please ensure Adblocker is not running on or or is disabled completely.