We’re sorry you’ve not received your free box, there could be a few reasons why:

- You’ve not got an active subscription on your account, in order for the free box to be automatically applied you need an active subscription on your account.

- You’ve got a prepaid subscription, boxes will automatically be added onto your prepaid subscription at the end for example if you’ve got a 12 month subscription and your 3 months in and meet the referral goal you free box will be added to the end of your subscription and you’ll receive it after the 12 months are up (on month 13 in this example).

- Your friends did not follow your referral link, they must follow your referral link in order for the referrals to count. 

- You’ve not met the referral goal, you need to refer 2 friends in order to receive a free box, when you do this you’ll get an email confirming this. 

If any of the above are true or you need help getting your free box get in touch with us here.